Get Extra Cashback on Online Shopping

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Get Extra Cashback on Online Shopping on Coupons n Cashback.

This website will save you tons of your money while you shop or recharge online. What you need to do is create a new account and get started.

You will get you cashback through IMPS transfer through MMID code which you can get through your bank account. Visit this website and you can follow the link to your seller listed in the cashback offers. This will lead to tracking of your purchase and and the site will receive commission for your purchase on the seller, this commission will then be given to you as cashback for your purchase.

This cashback will be given in pending status with in 2-3 days, but to get this confirmed your purchase must be confirmed i.e. no returns should be done in the return period. Return will lead to removal of that cashback in pending status.

The cashback amount will be accumulated in your account. From there you can put a request to transfer this cashback (whenever you have enough funds in the account) to your bank account via IMPS transfer using you MMID code.

This website also provides you with various coupons and deals which you can use on merchant transactions.

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Happy shopping :)

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